About Me


I am Aaron. I am a web designer/developer living in sunny St. Louis, Missouri. I have a thing for Web Standards. I believe that websites should be easy to read, navigate, and use, and that users want the same things. I hope to create content that is free of marketing jargon (people can see right through it) and is as believable as possible. The web is a medium for communication, commerce, entertainment, and Star Wars Kid (Homestar Runner?).

I believe in keeping things simple. Everything that exists should be beautiful or useful, hopefully both. I like to keep designs simple and to the point. My code is clean (I’m somewhat anal-retentive about it). If I can shave a few bytes off a file by removing something that isn’t adding to the design goals, I will.

I am a pretty cool guy if you can get past the bodyguards and meet me in person. Actually, just make contact if you’re interested in hiring me to help you make something awesome.

My Work.

Currently, I am a front-end developer at Rawlings Sporting Goods. I do design and development for our e-commerce and brand sites. Plus work on some cool stuff like custom glove and uniform builders.

Before that, I have was at Answers (formerly Announce Media), working on a small team to build and style updates to the main Answers Q&A site, as well as a handfull of secondary sites. Prior to Answers.com, our team worked with design and marketing, as well as back end search/programming to create and launch many sites built on our platform in various categories such as Q&A, local search, autos, personal finance, education, and several other categories. With a team of 6 CSS developers, we launched over 100 new websites in a period of less than 8 months.

Before all that was shoes.com. There, I was part of a small team responsible for designing, building, maintaining, and updating shoes.com as well as a handfull of other e-commerce websites.

About this site.

The site’s design and content is my own, with the exception of my name – my parents came up with that one. The site is coded by me using semantic, mostly-valid* HTML and CSS with some parts powered by whatever content management system I happen to betesting out at the time. Expect to see me add a functioning, regularly published blog as well as various new pages and experiments to the site occasionally. The work page is not ready but expect me to add samples in the near future.

This site takes advantage of a few open-source fonts using modern web browsers’ @font-face embed capabilities.

The content of this site is centered largely around web design and development, but I make no promises that you also will not learn a thing or two about my life, my hobbies and my values. I hope you enjoy the ride.

*I say mostly-valid because the site takes advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 features. The HTML will usually validate against an HTML5 validator (keep in mind the HTML5 spec is a work in progress now and for the unforseen future) and the CSS will probably never validate, because CSS3 will likely never be finished. And while the CSS is technically not valid, I believe in the spirit of Web Standards. That is to say, the CSS techniques I employ do not break the site in one browser or another. The CSS is designed to be forward-compatible with more capable browsers. If you don’t have a more capable browser (you use IE), I suggest upgrading to something better.