Web development.

  • - Website for my church. Designed and built by me on a custom WordPress template I created.
  • - Most recent employer, where I was just laid off. My team contributed to updates and maintenance of the site.
  • - A PR site for my former company. Took about 3 days to write the CSS and configure the CMS for the content modules and site structure.
  • HelpMe - Paid/expert Q&A site using the platform. Team project, my involvement was usually home page redesigns (or alternate versions, depending on the traffic source), and those usually took place inside of a day.
  • - Coupon site for This was a team project. My involvement included some coupon search result modules on the search page. I think this site was a three week project.
  • Announce Media Logo CSS experiment - An experiment in re-creating my company's logo in pure CSS. It was about 3 hours of work once I came up with a plan.
  • - E-commerce site for Brown Shoe. Part of a small team that maintained new site updates, and implemented design changes to this and a handful of other e-commerce sites. Each weekly home page update would take roughly a couple days to complete. Was also responsible for creating sub-sections like brand pages, and sale/special event pages.
  • - Blog site for the buying team at I built this using a custom WordPress template in about 2 weeks, if I remember the timing correctly.


Lately my work has been for-hire at so I don’t have a lot to show here. My most recent project has been this site and a site I designed and built for my church. There is currently a new one in the works, but it’s still in the early stages. I will post more independent projects and freelance work as it comes along. You can download a PDF copy of my résumé in the mean time, or hit me up on LinkedIn.